Tools for Nebraska AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Volunteers

IRS VITA/TCE Resource Documents:

Pub 4012

Volunteer Resource Guide

Pub 4491

Training Guide

Pub 17

Your Federal Income Tax (For Individuals)

Form 6744

Volunteer Assistor's Test/Retest

Pub 4491-X



Bogart – Colorado Tools:

Simplified Method Calculator

Video tour

Education Benefits Calculator

Video Tour

Dependent Qualification Calculator

ACA Affordability Calculator


Video Tour

General Sales Tax Deduction Calculator

State Income Tax Refund Calculator

2017 Estimated Tax Worksheet

IRS Business Codes


IRA Form 8606 Worksheet



TaxSlayer Springboard

TaxSlayer MultiFactor Authentication



New Volunteers – Practice Lab

New Volunteer Course Introduction

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TaxSlayer Practice Lab Demo

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Simple Basic Wage Earner

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IRS Pub 4012 Tab O is excellent resource


Affordable Care Act Tools -> Health coverage tax tool

Bogart ACA Calculator

IRS Instructions Form 8962

IRS Instructions Form 8965

IRS Publications 974 and 5157-A

Health Reform: Beyond the Basics, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: ACA Exemptions Related to Income Tool


Nebraska and Iowa State Taxes 

Nebraska - Illustrative Railroad Retirement Example

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2017 Tips - NE & IA

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Nebraska Individual Income Tax Booklet

Nebraska Requirement to Itemize Deductions (excerpt from 2017 Nebraska Individual Income Tax Booklet).View Download

How to Amend a Federal and Nebraska Return

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Iowa Individual Income Tax Instructions

Iowa Nonresident Gambling Winnings

AARP Foundation Tax-Aide CyberTax

CyberTax TY2017-01

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CyberTax TY2017-02_Taxpayer Information Carryforward 012918

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CyberTax TY2017-03 Happy 50th Anniversary Tax-Aide 021318

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CyberTax TY2017-04_Volunteer Tax Alert 2018-03, Information About a Tax Refund Scheme

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CyberTax TY2017-05 IRS Volunteer Tax Alert 2018-05 Update on Extender Provisions.pdf  

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 IRS VITA/TCE Volunteer Tax Alert (VTA)

VTA 2018-01 Provides missing page from 2017 Form 6744 needed for advanced certification

VTA 2018-02  To provide an update on the expired “extender” provisions

VTA 2018-03 Provides information about a tax refund scheme

VTA 2018-04 Provides an update on expired tax provisions

VTA 2018-05 To provide an update on the “extender” provisions

VTA 2018-06 To provide an update on the “extender” provisions

VITA/TCE Central and Link & Learn

IRS Link & Learn - eLearning launch page with certification test login

Taking the Test Online Tools and Calculators


IRS Tax Map @

Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)

IRS Addresses: Where to File

First Time Homebuyer Credit Account Look-up

IRS: The Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN)

IRS State Sales Tax Calculator

Intake Interview QR Form 13614c


Prospective Volunteer Application Guide 

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